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The organic farm in Saalfelden

About our farm Wiesingbauer

The organic farm Wiesinghof is owned by the Pfannhauser family since 1907. Our organic farm with dairy farming is located north of Saalfelden in the idyllic district of Wiesing - hence the name "Wiesinghof". The farm is already run in the 4 generation in the sideline. We manage a total of 7.6 hectares of meadows, which are mowed 2 to 3 times. From this we make hay and silage. In addition, we own 1 ha of forest.

On our farm everyone has his task. My husband, Thomas and our common son Niklas go to work and work as a sideline on the organic farm. I, Monika, take care of the house and the farm.

We have been organic since the 90s. It is very important to us to live with and look after nature. Therefore, we use only fertilizers that come from the farm animals and look at species-appropriate animal husbandry. Our farm animals receive only organic feed from us. In organic farming there are clear legally prescribed guidelines. These are controlled by an independent control body at least 1 time a year.

Every other day our organic milk, from our 5 dairy cows, is picked up by Pinzgau Milch in Maishofen and later ends up in the various markets in the region. In total we own 5-8 calves, 4 sheep, 2 pigs, 10 chickens and a rooster as well as 2 cats. The larger calves and sheep are allowed to go to the Pichlalm in Dienten in the summertime.

Our organic farm has been continuously renovated in recent years. The last renovation was the staircase and the two vacation apartments on the second floor. On the first floor live the parents-in-law Inge and Florian. On the second floor is where we live.

We look forward to welcoming you during your vacations in Saalfelden with us at the Wiesinghof farm.

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